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Flexibility is key to supporting future energy

Thomassen Energy and PSM are taking significant steps along the path to providing effective low/zero carbon gas turbine retrofits

On the 8th of July 2020 the EU commission released the Hydrogen Strategy as part of the European €1 trillion investment/stimulus Green Deal. This strategy establishes a road map for reducing the EU economy’s carbon emissions through a hydrogen ecosystem. The plan will contribute to Europe’s goal to achieve climate neutrality by 2050.

With more hydrogen available, and companies encouraged to de-carbonize with the help of subsidies, demand for combustion systems ready to burn hydrogen will increase. Our FlameSheet combustion system is capable of doing that and it is already available for F-class gas turbines. We are now applying this technology to E-class gas turbines as well within our High Hydrogen Retrofit Project. Making use of the existing installed gas turbine base with a modest retrofit provides a compelling and cost-effective solution.

During our 2022 Asset Manager conference Thomassen Energy presented our Low / Zero Carbon Solutions for Gas Turbine Power Generation (1MW to 500MW) discussing the role of hydrogen in the future energy mix and how gas turbines could fill the flexible need to fill the renewable energy gap with zero carbon emissions. Several projects have now been publicly announced. The adjacent presentation provides a summary of the exciting highlights.

High Hydrogen Retrofit Project

The major objective of the High Hydrogen Retrofit Project is to develop a cost-effective ultra-low emission (sub 9ppm NOx and CO) combustion system retrofit for existing installed gas turbines in the output range of 1MW to 300MW. At the center of this innovative high-technology project is the patented and novel aerodynamic trapped vortex FlameSheet™ combustion technology platform. Fuel flexibility and stable operation from 100% natural gas to 100% hydrogen and any mixture thereof, is a key requirement.

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