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Frame 5001

We offer an extensive portfolio of products and services for Frame 5 heavy-duty gas turbines

Frame 6B DLN Cap Liner
Combustion Parts

25+ sets

Frame 6B DLN Cap Liner
Compressor & Hot Gas Path Parts

100+ sets

Frame 6B DLN Cap Liner

90+ rotors

Frame 6B DLN Cap Liner
Casings / Exhausts

50+ repairs

Frame 6B DLN Cap Liner

75+ upgrades

Spare Parts Advantage

We offer a complete range of optimized capital parts and consumable parts including new advanced blades and vanes with advanced sealing and brush seal.

Conversions & Upgrades

All of our gas turbine conversion and upgrade solutions are aimed at improving and optimizing your gas turbine performance, extend lifetime or reduce emissions. We offer:


  • performance upgrades by installing advanced hot-gas-path components, compressor blades and inner barrel
  • emission reduction solutions with our water and steam injection systems
  • automated gas turbine tuning with our AutoTune system to maintain emissions and combustion dynamics
  • control system upgrades including our in-house developed TC-7 control system
  • globally sourced Frame 5-1/5001 gas turbines to remanufacture, upgrade and relocate
  • thermal block replacement. Swopping the core engine maintaining current performance levels for increased plant availability

Repairs & Field Services

We offer:

All the above-mentioned capabilities can be included in a Flexible Service Agreement to meet all your needs.


We have extensive experience providing products and services on Frame 5001 gas turbines:


  • Almost 20 Frame 5001 units under flexible service agreement or support contract
  • Over 130 capital parts sets sold
  • Performed more than 100 conversions, modifications and upgrades projects

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