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Performance Upgrades (GTOP)

Our Gas Turbine Optimized Packages (GTOP) includes structured upgrades to combustion and hot gas path components with performance levels similar or exceeding OEM standard

Operational Flexibility

Our Gas Turbine Optimization Package (GTOP) enables increased operational flexibility while maximizing the performance of your gas turbine that can be tailored to your operational needs. GTOP enables the possibility to run in maintenance mode or performance mode. Maintenance mode will result in extended maintenance intervals up to 32,000 hours, or even 40,000 hours, while performance mode will result in higher power output (up to 7%) and improved heat rate (up to 3%) with a 24,000-hour maintenance interval. With our AutoTune system you can switch between these modes providing you operational flexibility. Power as you need it!

Optimized Hot Gas Path Parts

Current designed hardware with structured improvements to the hot gas path hardware results in improved efficiency as a result of improved sealing and clearances, upgraded materials and additional cooling.

Optimized Combustion Parts

Our Thomassen Dry Low Nox system has been upgraded recently for improved emission performance and extended maintenance intervals. We now offer the market a sub-5 ppm and sub-9 ppm option.

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