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Thomassen Dry Low NOx System

A comprehensive package of DLN combustion design to meet emission requirements

In-house Developed Dry Low NOx System

We manufacture and supply the Thomassen Dry Low NOx system (T-DLN). We offer complete system responsibility for overall combustion system exchange. The combustion components have been designed with the experience gained during decades of manufacturing, repairing, commissioning, converting and maintaining gas turbines with Dry Low NOx and Low Emission Combustion technologies.

Operational Information

Emission levels achieved at base load for all models:

  • Dual fuel:
    • Emission on gas fuel: 9 ppm NOx and 9 ppm CO
    • Emission on liquid fuel: 42 ppm NOx with water injection
  • Premix operating range nominal 75% to 100% load
  • Turndown with bleed heat system to 50% load
  • Extended turndown option also available

T-DLN comes also with the option for sub5 ppm

The components obtain virtual endless life with our sectional replacement program.

Frame 6B DLN Cap Liner

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