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Component Repairs

Refurbishment, assessment and lifetime extension of heavy-duty gas turbine components and rotors

Centers of Excellence

Your gas turbine components are in safe hands with us. Two fully equipped Centers of Excellence for repairs are available to recondition your gas turbine components into perfect shape:

  • Thomassen Energy service center, Rheden, The Netherlands
  • PSM service center, Jupiter (FL), United States

These service centers are equipped with advanced tools and machinery. Experienced engineers and in-house capabilities enable us to perform repairs in a controlled manner.

Hot Gas Path and Combustion Components Repair

We are capable of repairing your buckets in-house. All hot gas path and combustion parts repairs are performed using the latest welding, machining, heat treatment and cleaning techniques. For combustion parts the possibility of Sectional Replacement and life-extending ThomELT is available.

GT11 / GT13 / GT24 / GT26 Combustion Parts Reconditioning

Qualified GT11 / GT13 / GT24 / GT26 combustion parts reconditioning utilizing advanced reconditioning technologies. More than 400 parts have been reconditioned with typically less than 1 piece rejected out of a 24 pieces set. The GT26 reconditioning process was developed and implemented in strong cooperation with the OEM ensuring high performance, reliability, availability and reconditioning to the latest design through modification and upgrades.

In the inspection phase parts are inspected and assessed using advanced NDT, Xray, CMM in conjunction with trained inspectors. Findings are reported and per part reconditioning recommendations are made.

In the repair phase parts are stripped, cleaned and disassembled. Parts are weld repaired, EDM and CNC machined before coating and final inspection. All part receive rigorous flow tuning and verification to ensure engine operations with low temperature spread, optimal combustion performance and low emissions.


EV Burner Reconditioning Showcase

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