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At Thomassen Energy, we’re your go-to source for cutting-edge, clean gas turbine solutions! With our execution centers in Europe, the US, the Middle East, and Asia (Korea), we deliver tailored solutions to power plant operators right where they need them. 

What Can We Do for Your Gas Turbines?

We provide cutting-edge solutions for gas turbines, including upgrades to boost performance, and reconditioning and repair of turbine parts. Our services cover a wide range of turbine models, including Frame 5, 6B, 7B/E/EA, 9E, 7F, 9F, and 501F. Plus, we have solutions for older turbine frames and aeroderivative models. 

What sets us apart is our ability to make gas turbines last longer and perform better than what other OEM usually achieve. Our dedicated research and development team has secured over 100 patents, letting us create high-tech components and service solutions. 

Our technology reduces maintenance costs over the entire lifecycle of your gas turbines and makes your power system more efficient and reliable. 

Thomassen Energy F class frameFrame 7EA X-HQ2

Thomassen Energy’s portfolio benefits

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Save Money 

Our upgrades cut your operating and maintenance costs and make your equipment last longer without frequent shutdowns.

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More Power 

Thomassen Energy boosts your turbine's performance when it operates in a simple cycle and when it’s part of a combined cycle power plant.  

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Cleaner Air 

Our improvements can help your turbine meet or beat environmental goals by reducing harmful emissions. 

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Stay Reliable 

We make sure your gas turbines keep running smoothly for a longer time and at a lower cost. 

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Go Green 

Thomassen Energy helps your gas turbines work well with renewable energy sources during the shift to cleaner energy. 

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Extend Your System’s Life 

We offer support for turbine components like rotors and casings to extend the life of your gas turbines. 

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Less Downtime 

We minimize downtime and keep your turbines running efficiently with our routine maintenance. 

Thomassen energy combines the flexibility of an independent company with the expertise of a global OEM to give you proven and reliable solutions. Click the images below and explore our endless solutions for different turbine models! 

Our Frame Solutions for Gas Turbines

Frame 9E Rotor scaled

B and E-Class Frames  

We can enhance components such as blades, vanes, combustion liners, rotors etc for Frame 5, Frame 6B, and Frame 9E turbines. 

9F rotor

F-Class Frames  

Our engineering and metallurgy experts can maintain all components of your F-class industrial gas turbines. With their help, your 9F system will operate at peak efficiency and run smoothly for years.  

Thomassen Energy rotors

Other Frames  

Do you have an older turbine? No problem! Thomassen Energy and PSM have experience tackling issues regardless of which model you have. Whether it's Frames 6F, 7F, 501D, 501F, or even the smaller OP16, our engineering team has you covered, and we can offer product FS and services on dual shaft like 5002C as well. 

Interested in Our Sustainable Products for Your Gas Turbines?

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