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At Thomassen Energy, we take your turbine needs to the next level while creating a more sustainable energy source. With our portfolio of top products and services for Frame 5 heavy-duty gas turbines, we will leave your energy system running like never before! 

Why Should You Upgrade Your Frame 5 Gas Turbine

Fuel Flexibility 

Our combustion conversion solutions allow your gas turbine to use different fuels, which means you can use the best and most sustainable fuel available at any given time. 

Enhanced Performance 

Thanks to conversion and component upgrades, you can boost your gas turbine’s performance, get more power and efficiency, and produce fewer emissions. It's like giving your turbines a shot of adrenaline! 

Reliability You Can Count On 

No one likes unexpected downtime. That’s why we swap out aging components with newer, more reliable ones to keep your turbines in perfect condition. You’ll have fewer crises and lower maintenance bills. 

Extended Lifespan 

Forget about costly replacements! Our upgrades are your secret weapon to extend the life of your gas turbines and keep your investments sound in the long run. 

More Safety 

Our experts bring you the latest safety features and technologies to reduce the risk of accidents and keep your employees and operators even safer.  

Visible Savings 

It's simple math – lower maintenance costs, improved efficiency, and longer-lasting turbines add up to more savings! Getting an upgrade from Thomassen Energy is the smart, cost-effective choice compared to buying new equipment. 

Our Spare Parts and Upgrades

Looking to have a more powerful and sustainable engine? We work with capital and consumable parts, such as blades and vanes with brush seals. 


FlameSheet™ is designed to go the distance, as it’s capable of running up to 32,000 hours between inspections. 

It's not picky when it comes to fuel either! It happily runs on natural gas or alternative fuels like ethane, propane, and hydrogen, all within an 30% operational range in the Modified Wobbe Index (MWI). 

LEC III™ Ultra Low Emission Combustion System 

When running on natural gas across the entire premix range, our LEC III™ Combustion System boasts an impressive three to five parts per million of nitrogen oxide. We can use it to replace your current gas system, to upgrade your turbines, or to replace specific parts 

HGP Parts 

Elevate your turbine's performance with precision improvements to the inner barrel, hot gas path hardware, compressor blades, and more. We can upgrade materials, enhance the turbine’s sealing, and provide extra cooling. 

Thanks to their design, you can swap our HGP components with many components of the original manufacturer. 

Water and Steam Injection Systems 

Our steam and water injection systems are your ticket to less greenhouse emissions, making your environmental footprint a lot lighter. 


Leave the gas turbine tuning to us! With our AutoTune system, it's all automated. We're here to keep combustion and emissions stable. 

TC7 Control System 

Upgrading your control system? Our in-house developed TC-7 control system ensures your turbine runs like a well-oiled machine. 

Globally Sourced Frame 5-1/5001 Gas Turbines 

If you need a power boost, we've got you covered with globally sourced Frame 5-1/5001 gas turbines for remanufacturing, upgrading, and relocation. 

Thermal Block Replacement 

Say goodbye to downtime with thermal block replacement. We replace the core engine of your current system and ensure the new model maintains the same performance levels as the previous one. 

Our Repairs and Field Services

Inspections and Overhauls: Get scheduled and unscheduled visits from our expert to check your gas engines and fix any issues

Installation, Relocation, and Commissioning: We can set up your new gas engine, make sure it’s operational, or relocate where you need it to be

Life Assessment of Your Rotor: Using our proprietary rotor lifetime assessment model, we can predict the lifespan of your Frame 5-1/5001 gas turbine rotor and other critical components. Based on the results, we can also make necessary tweaks to make it work a bit longer! 

Why Choose Thomassen Energy?

When it comes to Frame 5001 gas turbines, we stand out as your top choice. With years of experience, we support almost 20 Frame 5001 units through support contracts and service agreements tailored to each client’s needs. 

Our portfolio also boasts over 200 capital parts sets sold, which shows we have the right solutions at the right time. We've executed over 100 conversion, upgrade, and modification projects, pushing the boundaries of innovation and expertise in the gas turbine industry. 

When you work with Thomassen Energy and PSM, you're choosing a partner that delivers top-notch clean energy solutions and results, time and time again. 

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