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Thomassen Energy and PSM want to supercharge your energy game with the best products and services for Frame 9E gas turbines. Our mission? To boost power and prolong the life cycle of your gas turbines, all while producing more sustainable energy! 

What Are Our Upgrades to Improve 9E Frame Gas Turbines?

Parts and Components 

At Thomassen Energy, we're your go-to turbo team for all things 9E gas turbine. We've got hot gas path, compressor, and loads of auxiliary components that are tailor-made to take your turbine to the next level. 

Our hot gas path parts are also custom-designed to handle the latest and greatest 2085F configurations. That means you get the advanced aero 3rd stage bucket and nozzle, primed to boost your turbine's heat rate and power output. 


We've got a range of coatings to suit your turbine's taste. These coatings not only keep metal temperatures in check but also put up a solid fight against corrosion and oxidation.  

All our 9E gas turbine parts come with everything you need, from installation hardware to diaphragms, and they can be used to replace OEM parts. They can also be used to replace OEM parts and are set-wise compatible with older gas turbine models. 

Consultations and Maintenance 

The hot gas path of 9E Frame gas turbine usually needs maintenance every 24,000 FFH or 900 FS. But by consulting with Thomassen Energy experts, you can potentially push those intervals even further on a unit-by-unit basis. 

Frame 9E Rotor scaledRotor during balancing

Why Should You Upgrade Your 9E Gas Turbine Frames?

Increased Efficiency: Our upgrades make your turbine run more efficiently, which means it uses less fuel. This way, you will save money on operating costs

More Power: Our enhancements let you crank out more power, potentially boosting your revenue

Enhanced Reliability: You can count on your turbines to keep running smoothly with our upgrades. As a result, they will be less likely to suffer unexpected breakdowns and the costs that come with them

Longer Life: Our improvements mean you won't have to replace parts as often, which will save you money and help you get the most out of your investment

Environmental Friendliness: Our solutions are designed to meet or exceed environmental rules and regulations. You'll be getting more energy and doing your part to keep the planet green and sustainable! 

Tailored for You: We don't believe in one-size-fits-all. Our upgrades are customized to fit your needs, helping you achieve your unique performance goals

9E New Rotor

How Have Our 9E Frame Part Designs Improved?

1st Stage Nozzle: Its quality is as good as the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), and it has MCrAlY & TBC protective coatings

1st Stage Buckets: It features better turbulated cooling holes as well as MCrAlY & TBC protective coatings

2nd Stage Nozzle: It’s made to mimic the quality of OEM and has an Ai-Sl coating

2nd Stage Buckets: It’s equipped with a scalloped tip shroud to provide better creep resistance, and the Z-Notch is reinforced with welded hardface material

3rd Stage Nozzle: Crafted to match OEM Advanced Aero quality, with optional coating

3rd Stage Buckets: Like the 3rd stage nozzle, this part meets OEM quality. It also boasts a scalloped tip shroud to improve creep resistance, a Z-Notch with welded hardface material, and an optional coating

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Other Services

More Upgrades  

At Thomassen Energy, we have customized solutions to meet the demands of every asset manager. Whether it's optimizing combustion flexibility, reducing emissions, boosting turbine performance, or cutting costs, we can make it happen! 

Rotor Services 

Thanks to our engineering knowledge and experience with upgrades and repairs, we craft rotors for Frame 6B and other gas turbines. Get high-quality components, competitive pricing and prompt delivery. 

Looking to Upgrade Your 9E Frame Gas Turbine?

To unleash the turbo power of your 9E gas turbines, get in touch with Thomassen Energy today for upgrades, expert installation, and maintenance services. Let's work together toward a greener, more powerful energy solution! 

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