Gas Turbine Remanufacturing

If you want to make your heavy-duty gas turbines perform like brand-new powerhouses, look no further! At Thomassen Energy, we can remanufacture your equipment in no time while keeping your investment costs in check. 

Our Remanufacturing Services

Custom Solutions for Pre-owned Gas Turbines 

Thomassen Energy, together with PSM, offers remanufactured gas turbines that are customized to fit your plant's schedule and needs. With our remanufacturing program, we make enhancements to your turbines so they can operate better under changing demands, produce low emissions, have a longer operational life.  

For instance, we can improve rotors by installing solutions to control emissions, upgrading its control system, and designing a plan to extend its lifespan. 

Overhauls, Upgrades, and Testing 

We work at our Rheden Center of Excellence facility, where we roll up our sleeves and refurbish turbines and generators. Our strict procedures make sure the final product is a remanufactured machine that works just how it should, giving you the best results. 

We can also improve the design, incorporate new materials, and use modern coating technologies to turn your gas engine into the most powerful, efficient, and reliable machine. Plus, we’re all ears and can include any custom suggestion you have in mind! 

Thermal Block Exchange 

Having a backup engine ready to go offers many advantages. For example, you get to choose when it's best to do maintenance. It's as easy as swapping engines when a check-up is due, and your plant is good to go!  

Aside from reducing the time your plant is out of operation, you will have fewer important tasks to worry about on-site because the spare engine is already set up and ready in our workshop. 

Want More Powerful Gas Engines and Cleaner Energy?

Thomassen Energy is your partner in optimizing efficiency, reducing emissions, and ensuring reliable power generation. Contact us now to discover how our gas turbine remanufacturing services can elevate your energy project to the next level. 

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