Gas Turbine Retrofits and Upgrades

Thomassen Energy can help you improve the performance of your gas turbines with clean energy solutions! Our upgrade and retrofit options can boost performance, prolong the life of your power plants, reduce carbon emissions, and trim down operational costs. 

Our Retrofits and Upgrades

FlameSheet™ for B and E Class  

A revolution in combustion technology for Gas Turbines

Our FlameSheet™ gas turbine combustion systems are setting a new standard in gas turbine technology. They use an innovative 2-in-1 can-annular combustor concept and are available for many different engines, such as: 

GE (Fr3, Fr5, 6B, 6F, 7E, 7F, 9E and 9F) 

Siemens-Westinghouse (501F, 501G, 701F and 701G) 

Siemens (501B/D) 

Thanks to our patented fuel and air mixing techniques, FlameSheet™ delivers an incredible up to 30% increase in your gas turbine's operating load range while keeping nitrogen oxide and carbon emissions in the single digits. 

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LEC III™ Ultra Low Emission Combustion System 

Cutting-edge combustion conversion for ultra low emissions 

Since we introduced the first LEC in 2007, we have been working with PSM to develop new combustion technology and drive emissions down to ultra-low levels. As a result, the LEC III™ system operates with nitrogen oxide levels as low as three parts per million (ppm)! 

We can place the LEC III™ system as a direct replacement, as part of a larger conversion process, or by replacing specific components of existing OEM DLN1 systems.  

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LEC III Ultra Low Emission Combustion System

Thomassen Dry Low NOx System (T-DLN) 

We have a package of DLN combustion systems to meet strict emission requirements, even those going at less than 5 ppm. 

Our in-house developed Thomassen Dry Low NOx system can operate using dual fuel and gives you more flexibility in adjusting the power, making sure your gas turbine follows the toughest environmental regulations. 

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Gas Turbine Optimization Package (GTOP) 

Comprehensive solutions for enhanced operational flexibility and reduced overall costs 

Since 2011, Thomassen Energy has been designing upgrades to improve how B/E-class engines operate while saving on maintenance expenses With our Gas Turbine Optimization Package (GTOP), you can make your system more efficient and reliable and reduce overall costs. 

Whether you want to maintain your system less often, get as much power as you can, or reduce harmful emissions, we can customize our upgrade packages to fit your needs! 

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Thomassen Extended Lifetime Package (ThomELT) 

ThomELT is the solution to optimize your gas turbine's performance! Designed for all GE type gas turbines, it uses protective coatings, upgraded materials, and vibration adjustments to enhance temperature and wear resistance. With the ThomELT package, you can also extend the life of your combustion system and reduce maintenance intervals. 

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Thomassen Energy TC7 Control System 

Our TC7 Control System represents the latest generation of heavy-duty gas turbine controllers. Based on the proven design of Siemens® PCS7 series DCS (Distributed Control System), it's known for being dependable and flexible. It also has safety features you can adjust for different turbine setups. 

Since the TC7 control system has an open-architecture design and its hardware is available worldwide, maintenance costs will be very low and your gas turbines will perform at their best. 

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Thomassen Energy AutoTune Automated Combustion Tuning

Our AutoTune system takes real-time data from sensors to automatically adjust the combustion process in a gas turbine. This process keeps emissions and combustion dynamics in check, even when factors like temperature, humidity, engine wear, or different types of fuel are involved. The AutoTune system is available for all B/E/F gas turbines.

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Auxiliary Upgrades 

At Thomassen Energy, we offer several upgrade options to improve the output and performance of your gas turbines even more. 

From wet compression and exhaust bleed systems to inlet bleed heat and anti-icing systems, we designed these technologies to enhance the efficiency, performance, and reliability of gas turbines. This way, we can help power plant operators achieve maximum output while minimizing emissions and fuel consumption. 

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Upgrade Your Gas Turbines for a Greener Tomorrow!

With Thomassen Energy, you can unlock the future of sustainable power generation. Get in touch with us today to discuss your needs and take your energy performance to the next level! 

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