Thomassen Dry Low NOx System (T-DLN)

Comprehensive package of DLN combustion design to meet emission requirementd

At Thomassen Energy, we're on a mission to make the world a cleaner place, one gas turbine at a time, and our Thomassen Dry Low NOx System (T-DLN) is at the forefront of this eco-revolution. By upgrading your combustion system to T-DLN, you will be able to generate powerful energy while reducing harmful emissions! 

Our In-house Developed Dry Low NOx System (T-DLN)

Starting in 2010, we’ve been designing and providing the Thomassen Dry Low NOx system (T-DLN) to gas turbine owners around the world. Our experts take care of everything when it comes to upgrading your combustion system, such as changing the hardware for combustors, pipes, and control valves. 

We're also your go-to source for spare parts, repairs, and refurbishments. Our components, whether you need them one by one or as a complete system, can seamlessly replace your current DLN and LEC systems. They can even turn standard diffusion-type combustors into high-performing machines! 

We designed our combustion components using decades of experience in making, fixing, setting up, changing, and maintaining gas turbines with low-emission technologies. 

Our T-DLN system: 

Works with Fr6B and Fr9E gas turbine models

Can be used with older designs

Works with gas-only and dual fuel setups

Offers repair and refurbishment, including replacing sections

Provides spare parts after your purchase

Can inject water to dual fuel units

Includes bleed heat systems for a wider premix range

What are the Benefits of Choosing Thomassen Dry Low NOx System?

When you choose Thomassen Dry Low NOx System (T-DLN), you get a revolution in gas turbine performance. Here are some of the outstanding benefits you'll experience: 

Achieve ultra-low emission levels at base load for all models. On gas fuel, you can get 9 parts per million of NOx and CO, with an option for sub-5 ppm. On liquid fuel, you can achieve 42 ppm NOx with water injection

Obtain a premix operating range nominal 75% to 100% load. 

Operate without any problems at 50% load, thanks to our bleed heat system

Enjoy a longer combustion inspection interval life of 32,000 hours or 1,200 starts

Get compatibility with a range of control systems, including TC7, Mark V, VI, Vie, and Ovation

Integrate the T-DLN seamlessly with OEM hardware

Interested in Trying T-DLN for Cleaner Emissions?

Contact Thomassen Energy today to explore the world of T-DLN and discover other innovative solutions for gas turbines. Our team of experts is here to assist you in finding the perfect fit for your needs! 

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