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At Thomassen Energy we always have opportunities for internships and graduation projects. Not only for engineering related subjects, but also marketing, sales, finance, human resources, supply chain management etc.  If you are up for a nice challenge in a highly international environment and maybe a kick start of your professional career, do not hesitate and hit that apply now button…

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The future of sustainable power is on the hands of professionals like you! Join our team of dedicated experts who are all about making sustainable power for future generations. We're excited to have you on board! 

What We Do

In the last two decades, Thomassen Energy has grown into a global team of over 100 talented, experienced people. We're proud to be a subsidiary of Hanwha and benefit from their vast experience and resources while keeping our entrepreneurial spirit intact. This unique blend has let us thrive and stay competitive. 

Our company has these clear goals: 

Exploring new technologies to make our world cleaner

Creating more durable and efficient turbine components for our customers

Offering products that run on alternative fuels, such as hydrogen

Playing our part in reducing carbon emissions to record-low levels

Join us in shaping a greener, brighter future for all!

How Can We Help You Power Up Your Career?

At Thomassen Energy, we make work enjoyable and comfortable, foster a positive atmosphere, and provide excellent working conditions. We're committed to your career growth, offering opportunities to develop within our various teams. We also listen to your needs and wishes and do our best to match them! 

We invest in your training, both inside and outside the company, and every employee has an annual training budget. In our collegial working environment, collaborate to achieve our organizational goals. We help each other out, set and achieve goals together, and go the extra mile for our customers. 

Thomassen Energy is charging forward into the future and becoming a big part of the energy revolution. That’s why we're teaming up with dedicated business partners to bring High Hydrogen Gas Turbine Retrofits very soon. 

Find your Future Role

Thomassen Energy is looking for a diverse group of talents to join our team! We welcome mechanical, manufacturing, and materials engineers, along with technical machine operators and field service personnel. 

If you're a student, our college internship program at both the undergraduate and graduate levels is a fantastic opportunity. And for new graduate engineers, we offer a chance to dive straight into the action.  

You'll work with our customers and get hands-on experience throughout the entire design process, from development to manufacturing and installation. Your journey with us will be both exciting and rewarding! 

Benefits of Working with Thomassen Energy 

At Thomassen Energy, we cherish diversity and a strong work ethic. We believe in creating a workplace where everyone's unique talents and perspectives are celebrated. We're proud to offer competitive salaries, and we're committed to helping you grow in a rewarding and innovative setting. 

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