Gas Turbine Relocation

At Thomassen Energy, we’ve got the power to move your equipment anywhere! With our legacy of 300 units as OEM licensee, and in combination with our remanufacturing capabilities and eventually our LTSA agreements, we can support you with transporting, installing and commissioning heavy-duty gas turbine packages.

Our Gas Turbine Relocation Services

Our experts make the relocation process simple, transparent, and hassle-free. Here's what you can expect when you choose us as your partner: 

Inspection of All Parts 

We inspect all parts to check if they are the best condition, and we assess the equipment’s lifetime make your gas turbine system durable. 

Mechanical Installation 

Our skilled technicians install your gas turbine and make sure it’s set up correctly. 

Field Wiring and Piping 

You can count on us to handle all the wiring and piping needed to make your system operate without a hitch.  

Commissioning and Start-Up 

Our commissioning team is ready to get your gas turbine up and running smoothly. We put your system through rigorous testing to ensure it operates at its absolute best. 

Manufacture & Installation of Site-Specific Equipment 

We design and install site-specific equipment tailored to your needs, including: 

Flexible Upgrade Options 

We offer flexible upgrade options to enhance the performance and efficiency of your gas turbine, keeping it up to date with the latest technology. 

Conversion to Any Application 

Our expertise extends to converting your gas turbine for different applications like hydrogen. Thay way, it can stay relevant in an ever-changing energy landscape. 

Civil Foundation Supporting Definition 

We’re ready to assess and define the civil foundation requirements that will support your gas turbine. We ensure it’s solid, reliable, and meets all necessary specifications for your installation. 

Warranties on Supply and Performance 

Since we stand by the quality of our work, we provide warranties on the equipment and the performance of your gas turbine system. 

Ready to Relocate Your Gas Turbine and Power Your Plant?

Leave the relocation of your equipment to professionals at Thomassen Energy and protect your heavy-duty gas turbine system. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and let us provide the energy solutions. 

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