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With over 50 years of experience, Thomassen Energy has become a leading provider of aftermarket services for heavy-duty gas turbines, and we’ve set the standard in the field. As a part of the Hanwha Group, we work with PSM, PSM Thomassen Gulf, and our H2 Business in Korea to bring you innovative and environmentally friendly energy solutions for power plants everywhere. 

Our team's passion for innovation and dedication to meeting our customers' needs shines through in everything we do. Whether it's boosting efficiency, enhancing your plant’s operation, making your engine more reliable, or finding ways to save on maintenance costs throughout your power plant's life, we've got you covered. 

We're experts in retrofitting gas turbines all around the world, making sure they emit ultra-low emissions and can run on renewable gases like hydrogen. Our retrofits also enhance performance, lower total cost of ownership (TCO), and more. 

We also stand as your ultimate provider for OEM gas turbine power plants and have several equipment options and services for turbine Frames, including Frame 5, 6B, 9E, and 9FA. Our friendly on-site and remote teams are committed to creating sustainable budget-friendly, and reliable energy solutions a reality for operators today and the generations to come! 

Our Vision & Mission

We strive to be a leading manufacturer and supplier of innovative clean energy solutions for future generations. Our mission is to fulfil our client needs with a flexible, reliable, and efficient portfolio to improve asset life cycle costs. 

Our Values

Clean Energy 

We're making energy cleaner and more affordable for today and the future. Our gas power solutions are reducing carbon emissions, helping create a greener world. 

Careers at Thomassen Energy 

We welcome everyone, no matter their background, to thrive in our inclusive company. We're searching for top-notch talent to join our collaborative team and work on exciting projects that power the world. 


We work together as a team to provide energy-saving solutions to people all over the world. Our focus on environmentally-friendly and high-efficiency power generation positions us as leaders in delivering low-carbon solutions. 

Safety Health and Environmental 

We follow strict SHE standards to prevent harm to people, materials, and the environment. We are also guided by ISO 14001, ISO 45001, and our Code of Ethics. 

ESG Management 

One of our goals is to be a sustainable and responsible company. Therefore, we integrate Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices into all our operations, from how we run our business to the services and products we offer our customers. 


Everyone involved in making and providing our products and services is following the Thomassen Energy Quality Management System. Therefore, quality spans all aspects of our operations, from design and manufacturing to servicing industrial gas turbines. We maintain high standards to ensure excellence throughout our facilities and sites. 

Our Business

We've got the solutions and services to power your energy needs today and shape an even brighter energy future.

Retrofits and Upgrades 

We help power plants become more environmentally friendly and efficient by offering flexible solutions. This includes fixing and improving gas turbines, using efficient components, and even using cleaner fuels like hydrogen to reduce carbon emissions. 

Thanks to our retrofitting services, we can boost your turbine’s performance, lower TCO, and offer various other improvements. 

Product Lines 

We have quality parts and solutions for gas turbines of all sizes, from small to heavy-duty ones. With our upgrades, you can make turbines more efficient, flexible, and cost-effective throughout their lifespan. 


We offer a range of services, from fixing turbines in the field to supporting power plants, servicing turbine rotors, and providing long-term service agreements. We also have a team and software to monitor and optimize gas turbines, making sure they run all day, every day. 

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Our History

Where Did We Start and Where Are We Today? 

Thomassen Energy's journey began way back in 1886 when Geurt Thomassen opened a workshop in Arnhem, the Netherlands, crafting tools for windmills and millstones. Fast forward to 1896, and we built our first gas engine, kickstarting a legacy of reliable and high-performing engines.

In the 1960s, we expanded into manufacturing aircraft-inspired and heavy-duty gas turbines. Our legacy history showcases a portfolio of over 300 of these powerhouses. Today, Thomassen Energy stands at the forefront, providing top-notch aftermarket components and services. Our parts and upgrades have clocked over 10 million hours of operation in more than 10 GW of gas turbines around the world! 

Thomassen Energy BV owns the registered trademark “Thomassen” and  the logo “T”.

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Thomassen Energy Historical Timeline 

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Ready to Unlock Clean Energy Solutions with Upgraded Gas Turbines?

Join us in shaping a sustainable future. Contact us and explore our innovative solutions to be a part of the clean energy revolution! 

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