Service Agreements

Are you ready to boost your gas plant's performance without breaking the bank? With our long-term agreements (LTAs) for GE, Siemens, Mitsubishi B/E and F-type gas turbines, we can help you make the most out of your gas engines and equipment while increasing power and reducing costs! 

How Do Our Flexible Long-Term Agreements Work?

Our Long-Term Agreements (LTAs) are designed with your long-term success in mind. Thanks to our engineered part designs, we're able to gas engine components last longer. This means fewer inspections and more cost savings throughout the life of your gas plant! 

Our portfolio includes advanced tech for upgrades and retrofits, such as: 

FlameSheet™ combustion technology (works with B, E, and F class turbines) 

LEC ultra-low emission combustion systems 

Gas Turbine Optimization Package (GTOP)

These components will improve performance and increase power output, which will make your plant run at its absolute best. 

Other Services

Flexible Contracts: Our LTAs can be tailored to your needs, from comprehensive full-service agreements to customized pricing plans

Dedicated Support: You get a dedicated customer service manager to ensure your plant runs smoothly around the clock, every day of the year

Parts Availability: We supply the latest parts for as long as the agreement lasts and can install existing OEM parts from your inventory

24/7 Remote Monitoring: Our experts are on standby 24/7 to help troubleshoot issues outside of regular inspection times

Field Service: Our experts are pros who specialize in handling overhauls with speed, safety, and quality in mind

Upgrades: We offer solutions to repair, upgrade, and enhance your gas turbines from various manufacturers worldwide

Reconditioning and Repair: Our team reconditions all program parts at our ISO-certified facility

Environmental Safety: We follow strict ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards, along with our Code of Ethics, to guarantee safety for people, materials, and the environment

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Types of Thomassen Energy Service Agreement Offerings

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Improve and Maintain Your Gas Engine with Our Service Agreements!

Ready to boost efficiency, reduce costs, and protect your gas plant? Contact us now to explore our tailored service agreements and elevate your operations! 

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