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At Thomassen Energy, we’re your one stop-shop for your gas turbine needs! Our team blends engineering experience and technical know-how to offer the best service support, all under one roof. 

Our Design and Engineering Services

Thomassen Energy design and engineering teams collaborate with customers to solve component and system-level gas turbine and balance of plant issues. Examples include:

Make the inlet system more reliable and functional

Check the system that delivers fuel to the turbine runs as efficiently as possible

Increase the amount of time between needed maintenance checks

Enhance additional components or parts to boost the turbine’s performance

We can do it all ourselves – from designing, analyzing, and manufacturing components to buying what we need, managing controls, and providing on-site services. This way, Thomassen Energy can give you a functional and ready-to-use solution! 

Plus, as industry-recognized technical experts, we partner with you to investigate the root cause of gas turbine issues. We'll get to the bottom of any component failures, fix or upgrade parts, and use that knowledge to improve our future products.  

Service Engineering

Our service engineering focuses on the customer’s needs and the site where their plant is located. Thomassen Energy experts assess gas turbine auxiliary and support systems, see how the plant operates, and make necessary upgrades to improve your plant’s performance. 

Technical Services

We specialize in making sure gas turbine systems perform at their best in terms of technology, cost-effectiveness, and environmental impact. We do this by examining four critical aspects: 

We identify and address significant issues

We ensure the instruments are functioning

We optimize thermal efficiency

We consider the unique characteristics of your plant

Our evaluation team is well-equipped to handle any technical and operational work, from routine maintenance to complex IC&E engineering tasks. 

Engineering Assessment

Finally, we give your gas turbine parts a thorough check-up. We decide if they're good to use or need some fixing, whether it's for our own equipment or those made by other companies. We can assess parts like compressors, combustion systems, hot gas path hardware, and more. 

Our team is also here to troubleshoot and manage other complex issues like: 

Planned shutdowns of gas turbines

Operations and diagnostics after a shutdown

Regular checks using non-destructive testing (NDT)

Emergency shutdowns and operational problems

Extending the lifespan of hardware and maintenance intervals

Ready to Elevate Your Gas Turbine Experience?

Don't miss out on superior gas turbine solutions! Reach out to Thomassen Energy today for a high-performance partnership that keeps your systems running at their best.  

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