9F Frames

Our advanced 9F upgrades are like turbocharging your car, but for power plants! They make gas turbines more power, flexible, and reliable while shrinking carbon emissions and protecting the environment! 

What We Do for 9F-Class Frames

At Thomassen Energy and PSM, we’ve taken our models for the 7F Frame parts and created gas turbine and combustor components to upgrade your 9F-Class frames. In other words, we improved the designs for the 7F, tested them, and used them as the building blocks for our 9F gas turbine portfolio. 

Our experts create digital representations of products and analyze data to find weak points in OEM parts. As a result, they can make components last longer and cost less to run over time. 

In normal use, the hot gas path of a gas turbine should work without needing major fixes for around 24,000 hours or 1,200 starts. If you want an even better performance, consulting with our experts can make your turbines go even longer between check-ups! 

Why Should You Upgrade Your 9F-Class Turbine Frames?

More power output: When you have better efficiency and more power, your plant becomes a lean, mean energy-producing machine

Reduced operating costs: Get ready for output and efficiency, which means lower operating costs and more money in your pocket

More reliability: Quality upgrades make your turbine rock-solid and reliable, so you can kiss unplanned downtime and extra costs goodbye

More time between maintenance: No more headaches due to planning check-ups for your gas turbines. These upgrades cut down on your maintenance bills

More flexibility: Our upgrades let your turbine handle any situation and adapt to changing market conditions like a pro

How Have Our Designs Improved Over the Years?

1st Stage Nozzle: Features a Full Surface TBC, a nickel base, and a better platform cooling

1st Stage Buckets: We've upgraded them with better creep and LCF capability, a cast in tip plate that saves you money on repairs, and a better platform and tip cooling

2nd Stage Nozzle: This one features an alloy upgrade for more creep and LCF capability

2nd Stage Buckets: Stronger alloy for enhanced creep and LCF capability and a design that reduced metal temperature

3rd Stage Nozzle: Tougher alloy with better LCF and creep capability to handle the heat

3rd Stage Buckets: Yep, you guessed it – better alloy for improved creep and LCF capability

Transition Piece: We made this part tougher with our special PSM design. It's got patented cooling features that keep metal from getting too hot, and it's attached to the first stage nozzle in a way that doesn’t transfer excessive heat

Liner: With its conical design and better materials, our liner has better impingement cooling to last more. It also has a double-ply, forward-facing hula seal for a tight and secure fit

Liner Cap: This part got a durability boost thanks to Thomassen Energy and PSM's special design We upgraded it with a Haynes 282 material to increase LCF capability

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Other Upgrade Solutions


Thomassen Energy's AutoTune system is like a smart helper for the gas engine. It can automatically adjust how the system burns fuel to keep emissions and combustion within normal levels, even when things like temperature, humidity, or the type of fuel change.  

Interested in Upgrading Your 9F Turbine Frames?

If you’re ready to embrace greener energy and unlock the full potential of your 9F-Class turbine frames, contact Thomassen Energy today! We provide gas turbine upgrades and retrofits that will transform your power plant into a powerful, green machine. 

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