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In this digital age, safeguarding your power plant is no longer a game of guesswork or crossing your fingers for good luck. With Thomassen Energy and PSM's cutting-edge technology, you'll have the upper hand, armed with data-driven insights 24/7 to protect your assets and operations! 

Introducing FlexSuite, Your Go-to Optimization Solution

Whether you want to make your gas turbines more reliable or adaptable to changing operations, we've got the tools to meet your needs. 

Our technology has the following characteristics: 

Multi-Controller Platforms: We create solutions for one type of power plant and then use them across many others, which makes our technology versatile and compatible across different systems. 

Virtual FlameScanner DLN1.0 & DLN2.6 System Reliability: Instead of using traditional optical flame detectors, Thomassen Energy's Virtual FlameScanner works with temperature sensors in the exhaust to check if there's a flame. It also avoids maintenance issues associated with water-cooled flame and optical detectors, like the ones in B/E or F-class frames. 

FlexStart DLN2.6 Mode 3E Start-Up Logic Package: FlexStart is a smart system that changes how your power plant starts up. It gets rid of certain stages where the system normally pauses and makes the exhaust cleaner during a turbine outage, reducing harmful emissions from the power plant by about three times. 

FlexRamp: FlexRamp makes it possible for the power plant to speed up or slow down more quickly when it's already running at its normal operating temperature. When paired with FlexStart, it can also handle different types of starts, including hot, warm, or cold. FlexRamp uses a system to measure the space between the compressor blades to make sure everything runs smoothly. 

FlexSuite Applications: Thomassen Energy's FlexSuite can be used on any type of control system for power plants. Whether you're using the original controls that came with your power plant or different ones you've added later, FlexSuite can still help you optimize your operations! 

The FlexSuite building blocks include: 

Making sure the way the power plant burns fuel is as efficient as possible

Finding the best, most efficient ways to start and stop the power plant

Making the power plant able to work with a wider range of energy needs

Efficiency and Lifetime: Improving how well the power plant works and how long it lasts

Making the power plant capable of using different types of fuel

Helping the power plant work well with the electricity grid it's connected to

Being able to adapt and change how the power plant is serviced as needed

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AutoTune: Perfecting Gas Turbine Combustion

Automated Combustion Tuning 

Our AutoTune system takes real-time data from sensors to automatically adjust the combustion process in a gas turbine. This process keeps emissions and combustion dynamics in check, even when factors like temperature, humidity, engine wear, or different types of fuel are involved. 

Optimizing Unit Operation 

The AutoTune system ensures your gas turbine operates at its best, delivering maximum power and efficiency. Your system will produce fewer emissions, have a longer hardware life, and become more reliable. 

Optional Software Components 

You can enhance your gas turbine's performance with optional features like Fuel Gas Temperature Optimization, Power+, and Optimization for liquified natural gas. These options help improve power generation and extend the life of your turbine’s parts. 

Operational Flexibility 

AutoTune works to expand the number of loads the gas turbine can handle while keeping emissions and dynamics in check. With time, it learns and requires less tuning when operating under the same conditions. It offers three optional modes: 

Power+: Maximizes power within the current temperature range without damaging the hardware

Peak+: Increases the peak firing mode to improve your engine’s performance, but this decision has a slight impact on the lifespan of components

Turndown: Reduces the lower operational limit by keeping the turbine's power production slightly higher than the point where the fuel mixture starts to combine

Fuel Flexibility 

The AutoTune system offers three levels of fuel flexibility, and they can improve your turbine's output range by up to +/- 2% megawatt increments. These are the levels: 

FGT (Fuel Gas Temperature): Lowers fuel gas temperature to reduce combustion

FPP (Fuel Property Parameter): Allows for additional tuning when the turbine uses different fuel sources

FTO (Fuel Temperature Optimization): Uses a powerful fuel gas heater to manage fuel temperature variations

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Our Intelligent Data Products

At Thomassen Energy, together with PSM, we want to use our know-how, experience, and technology to help your power plant perform at its best! That’s why we studied gas turbines, combustion systems, and engines in our M&D Center and created patented tools to optimize your turbine’s power and produce cleaner energy. 

Our Monitoring and Diagnostics Services

At our Monitoring and Diagnostics (M&D) Centers around the world, our expert team keeps a watchful eye on your important equipment all day, every day. We pay special attention to emissions and how the combustion process is working, which helps us make your power plant more flexible and reduce any unplanned downtime. 

Thanks to our modern tools, our experts look at real-time data to see how things are going, spot any potential problems, and figure out what's causing them. We also recommend how to fix the issue right away and make your power plant work even better in the long run. 

Moreover, our monitoring centers use the latest technology in the cloud, so we can respond quickly and make smart decisions. These facilities are extremely safe and we can access them from anywhere, even during bad weather or emergencies. 

In a nutshell, we're like your power plant's guardian angels, making sure it stays in shape and works, no matter what. 

What Are the Benefits of our 24/7 Monitoring?

We keep an eye on the combustor

We check the health of your turbine blades

We make sure the temperature of the gases coming out of your plant is just right

We keep tabs on the temperature of the fuel going into your plant

We look at how hot the bearings are and if they're shaking too much

We check the temperature and pressure of the air going into the engine

We make sure the vanes that control the air going into the engine are in the right position

We monitor how fast the engine is spinning

We check how hot the air is before it goes into the engine

We set up alarms in the control system to catch any issues

We watch out for any unusual R0 vibrations in the machinery

Would you like to learn more about our digital solutions? Here’s our brochure! 

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Want to Maintain Your Gas Engines in Top Condition?

If you want to optimize your power plant's performance and minimize downtime, contact us today. Harness the power of our 24/7 monitoring and intelligent data products for efficient operations and greener energy production. 

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