LEC III™ Ultra Low Emission Combustion System

Cutting-edge combustion conversion for ultra low emissions

If you've ever wondered how you can generate power without harming the planet, we have an answer for you. LEC III™ is Thomassen Energy's groundbreaking combustion system, designed to reduce harmful emissions to a minimum while powering your plant! 

Achieving 3-5 PPM NOx Emissions

The patented LEC III™ ultra-low emission combustion system is a special technology that minimizes carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide emissions from your gas turbines, producing energy in a way that’s friendlier to the environment. When it uses natural gas to produce energy, Thomassen Energy guarantees sub-5 parts-per-million (ppm) NOx emission levels. 

LEC III™ always keeps emissions in the single digits, whether the gas turbine is running from baseload down to 80% relative load. If an Inlet Bleed system is used, the numbers become 50% and 60% respectively. 

If you're worried about CO emissions, don't be! With LEC III™, carbon monoxide levels are very low, so you can meet your sustainability goals while producing more power. 

The LEC III™ ultra-low emission combustion system has three special features that set it apart: 

A Forward-Flowing Venturi to mix gas and air perfectly

An Effusion Cooling system to prevent overheating

An advanced Secondary Fuel Nozzle (SFN) that makes sure everything burns just right

How Can You Install LEC III™ in Your Gas Turbines?

At Thomassen Energy, we made LEC III™ work with B and E-class turbines, including GE Frames 6B and 9E. You can either use the LEC III to replace your old DLN1 system or to completely change your diffusion combustion system. 

If you install our ultra-low emission combustion system, you don't have to change the control systems if your turbine is Mark V or newer. And if you have the older DLN1 combustors, you can choose to change just some parts to Thomassen Energy's LEC III™ without replacing everything. 

LEC system from Thomassen Energy

Getting the Fuel and Air Mix Right

The secret behind how the LEC III keeps ultra-low NOx and CO emissions lies in how it mixes fuel and air. To make the blending process exceptional, our experts designed and incorporated three features: a forward-flowing venturi, a cutting-edge cooling system, and a secondary fuel nozzle (SFN). 

Our Advanced and Sustainable Combustion Solutions

At Thomassen Energy, we've put our heads together to create combustion solutions that cater to the global market's demands. With environmental worries on the rise, everyone's keen on cutting down emissions. That’s why we've got you covered with a range of innovative systems designed to tackle this issue head-on. 

Our dry low NOx systems have broken records by reducing emissions to levels never seen before. It's like a breath of fresh air for the planet! When you swap out your old combustion system with ours, you'll see a significant drop in harmful CO and NOx emissions, helping the environment breathe easier. 

But that's not all! Our systems also work well in changing operational conditions and use different kinds of fuel, ensuring you get the best results no matter what the world throws at you. 

Ready to Switch to Cleaner, More Sustainable Energy with LEC III™?

Whether you need upgrades, repairs, or routine maintenance for your gas turbines, we're here to help! Contact us today and join us in the mission to protect our planet while generating power efficiently. 

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