FlameSheet™ for B and E Class

A revolution in combustion technology for Power Generation Gas Turbines

Are you ready for a breakthrough in power generation? Thomassen Energy proudly presents FlameSheet™, a revolutionary and sustainable combustion technology designed to take your B and E Class gas turbines to new heights. 

What is FlameSheet™ for B and E Class Gas Turbines?

FlameSheet™ is like the ultimate sidekick for your gas turbine. It's designed to keep things running smoothly for up to 32,000 hours before it needs an inspection. 

Plus, it's adaptable! FlameSheet can work with natural gas and alternative fuels like ethane, propane, and hydrogen, as long as they stay within a 30% Modified Wobbe Index (MWI) range. 

Why Choose FlameSheet™?

Here's what makes FlameSheet™ extraordinary: 

It unleashes the potential of your gas turbine and lets it operate over a broader load range while maintaining very low NOx and CO emissions

It has a setting to protect your heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) during low-load conditions

It boasts a 30% Modified Wobbe Index and is perfect for operating with alternative fuels like hydrogen, ethane, propane, and more! Here are the impressive figures: 

  • Up to 10% Butanes (C4-C6) 
  • Up to 40% Ethanes (C2) 
  • Up to 60% Hydrogen mix (B, E, and F Class with Hyflex combustor) 
  • Up to 20% Propane (C3) 

It keeps emissions in check with NOx levels as low as five parts per million

It achieves peak power output while maintaining constant NOx emissions

It can operate using two different types of fuels, which allows you to adapt to changing operational needs

You can perform inspections on FlameSheet™ at intervals of up to 32,000 operating hours or 1,250 starts, making maintenance more manageable and reducing downtime

It integrates with your existing infrastructure like your gas turbine’s controller and fuel skids

Benefits of FlameSheet™

FlameSheet™ helps your power plant components last longer and simplifies the maintenance process, meaning you’ll need less frequent repairs

Since it can adjust to changes in power demand, FlameSheetreduces the wear and tear on your power plant from constantly turning on and off throughout the day

You can choose a special setting to protect your heat recovery system when your turbine is running at low power levels

FlameSheet™ is designed to have fewer parts exposed to high temperatures, which makes your turbine more durable

FlameSheet™ is built with a modular design that makes pieces easy and quick to install

FlameSheet can work with many different fuels, giving you more options for what you can use in your power plant

Would you like to learn more about FlameSheet? Read our brochure here 

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Ready to Experience the Power of FlameSheet™?

Contact Thomassen Energy today for sustainable solutions that will transform your gas turbines into the powerhouses of the future! 

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