Engineering Support

At Thomassen Energy, we support your power plant by using our knowledge and connections from all around the world! We work together to make your engines the best they can be, running smoother, greener, and more efficiently. 

Power Plant Assessment and Support

In the competitive world of power generation, operators are always striving to improve their plants. They try to make their engines more operational and powerful, use less energy, save money, and become more environmentally friendly. 

However, achieving these goals often means upgrading the original equipment that was used when the plant was built. If you decide to make these upgrades, you need to look at the power plant as a whole system. 

Common upgrades include improving balance of plant equipment, emission control systems, gas turbines, generators, heat recovery steam generators, and steam turbines. Our team assesses all these critical components and systems together by doing the following: 

We compare how the plant was designed to work with how it performs after upgrades

We learn about any limitations or challenges in the equipment and find solutions

We provide guidance on how to operate the plant more efficiently

We check if the plant meets emission rules and other regulations

We suggest replacing equipment if it's needed to make gas turbine upgrades work better

We look into using cleaner fuels like hydrogen and refinery off-gas (ROG) to make your plant more eco-friendly

Our In-House Engineering Support

In-house Engineering support is like a toolbox for your power plant. Our experts and project managers work together with outside experts to provide the best solutions for engines and equipment. 

With Thomassen Energy in-house Engineering support, you get: 

Complete solutions for your whole plant. We use our global network of technology and experience to make it happen

Different products, services, and teams all working together as your only point of contact

Top-notch products and services because we listen to what our customers need and focus on providing those solutions

A proven track record of success. We're known for being flexible and getting things done on time

In-house Engineering support works its magic on: 

Balance of Plant (BOP) 


Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSGs) 

Steam Turbines 

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Our Fuel System Services

At Thomassen Energy, we're here to help power plant owners cut down on emissions and make their plants more adaptable when it comes to the fuels they use. 

Emission Reduction Solutions 

Protecting the environment and reducing pollution has become a priority in the power plant industry. That’s why we have some fantastic solutions that can make a big difference. 

You can equip your gas turbine with our special FlameSheetTM, LEC IIITM Ultra Low Emission combustion system, or Thomassen Dry Low NOx system (T-DLN). Just by replacing the old combustion systems with one of these options, you'll see a significant drop in harmful CO and NOx emissions. 

We also have other equipment like water injection and steam injection systems to help produce cleaner power. 

Fuel Flexibility 

We have experience changing gas turbine combustion systems so they can run on different fuels, switching from one type to two or more. We can even make it possible for your plant to use clean and green fuels like carbon-free hydrogen. No matter what fuel you want to use, we've got the know-how to make it work! 

Interested in Our Plant Support Services?

If you're looking for cleaner energy solutions for your power plant, Thomassen Energy is here for you! We're committed to giving you the know-how and resources to make your power generation better. 

Get in touch with us today, and let's chat about how we can help your plant thrive while being kinder to the environment! 

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