Gas Turbine Optimization Package (GTOP)

Comprehensive solutions for enhanced operational flexibility and reduced overall costs

Do you want to turn your gas turbine into a powerhouse while slashing operational costs? At Thomassen Energy, we’ve designed a Gas Turbine Optimization Package (GTOP) to upgrade components and give your turbines the power and flexibility they need! 

What is Our GTOP?

Our Gas Turbine Optimization Package (GTOP) is an engineering solution that takes your B and E-class turbines to the next level. It uses the latest designs and top-notch materials to improve components like the compressor, combustor, hot gas path, controls, and auxiliaries. 

And here's the best part: GTOP can be tailored to fit your turbine and needs, all thanks to our optimization process! Our experts figure out the best way to improve your turbine and estimate how it will perform after the upgrade. 

GTOP Enhances Operational Flexibility

GTOP makes your turbine more powerful and flexible, which means it can work in different ways to suit your needs. The upgrade offers two modes: 

Maintenance: This mode extends the time between turbine check-ups to up to 32,000 or even 40,000 hours. Hence, you won't have to stop it for maintenance as often and you’ll reduce downtime

Performance: In this mode, your turbine can produce up to 10% more power, and its heart rate (how efficiently it turns fuel to power) improves by 3%. Plus, it can keep running for 24,000 hours before needing maintenance

You can easily switch between modes with the AutoTune system, giving you control over how your turbine operates! 

Benefits of GTOP for Your B and E-Class Turbines

Thanks to upgrades like better coatings and seals, improved cooling, and a smarter design, Thomassen Energy's GTOP brings some exciting improvements: 

Get up to 10% more power and enjoy a 3% improved heat rate, saving you money and boosting efficiency

With GTOP, your maintenance intervals can reach up to 32,000 FFH or 1,300 FFS

Experience a longer turbine lifespan with intervals reaching up to 96,000FFH

Watch your fuel costs drop thanks to an improved heat rate

GTOP can handle up to 35% hydrogen, giving you the flexibility to explore cleaner energy sources

Take your turbine's performance down to as low as 50%, making it adaptable to varying power demands

Achieve environmentally friendly operation with NOx emissions of less than nine parts per million (sub-9 ppm) and an option for sub-5 ppm

Explore dual gas, dual fuel, and gas-only capabilities, giving you even more choices to fit your operational needs

The GTOP upgrades are easy to install, don't need many changes, and won't break the bank. You can even install them when your turbine is temporarily offline! 

Would you like to learn more about our GTOP? Click here! 

Interested in Unlocking Your Turbine’s Power with our GTOP?

At Thomassen Energy, we're dedicated to providing sustainable, powerful solutions for your gas turbines. Don't miss out on the opportunity to unlock the full potential of your B and E-Class turbines with GTOP. Get in touch with us today to learn more! 

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