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Are you ready to unlock the true potential of your gas turbines and produce cleaner energy? Since 2004, Thomassen Energy has worked with Frame 6B compressor hardware, hot gas path buckets, shrouds, and nozzles. You can make your gas turbines more durable and less costly over time with our products and services! 

Why Choose 6B Frames Gas Turbines?

Increased Efficiency: If you get a 6 Frame turbine, you can count on using less fuel, produce fewer carbon emissions, and have reduced operating costs

Enhanced Performance: Enjoy a more powerful and reliable gas engine that will operate at full capacity for years! 

Reduced Emissions: Our solutions help cut down on nitrogen oxide, carbon, and particulate matter emissions, which will let you comply with even the strictest regulations. Plus, you’ll reduce your carbon footprint and bolster environmental sustainability

Improved Flexibility: Gas turbines adjust to changes in power demand, which increases their ability to work with renewable energy sources and other technologies for generating power

Enhanced Safety: We're not just making your turbines better; we're making them safer. You can get control and monitoring systems, protection systems, fault detection, and isolation

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Which Solutions Do We Provide?

Checks and Maintenance 

At Thomassen Energy, we can make your gas turbines last while cutting down overall costs. How? We use advanced tools to evaluate turbine components. Our experts monitor the condition of your system and predict issues that can make it non-operational or require expensive repairs. 


We also offer gas turbine parts like: 



Shroud blocks 

Our components work perfectly with modern 2085F firing temperature machines, such as the Engine Model 6581, and with older units. 

Expert Consultations

Under regular conditions, your Frame 6B hot gas path needs servicing every 24,000 hours of operation or 900 starts. However, if you want to extend the time between maintenance sessions and allow the turbine to run longer before needing service, you can consult our experts. With our help, you can extend this interval to 32,000 FFH on a unit-by-unit basis.

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How Have Our Designs Improved Over Time?

At Thomassen Energy, we make Frame 6B parts with the best materials, coatings, and cooling systems. Our tough and reliable components will make your gas turbines perform at their best! 

1st Stage Nozzle: They are made to match the quality of original manufacturers and have optional NiCoCrAlY and TBC protective coatings

1st Stage Buckets: Features a better aero blade profile and enhanced cooling

2nd Stage Nozzle: Their quality is as high as the original manufacturing parts

2nd Stage Buckets: They are equipped with a scalloped tip shroud for more creep resistance. We've also increased the contact area between the tip and shroud to reduce shingling

3rd Stage Nozzle: Engineered to mimic OEM quality

3rd Stage Buckets: Boast an increased area between the tip and the shroud to mitigate shingling. They come in both standard and advanced aero options

Learn more about our products and services for Frame 6 gas turbines here! 

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Other Services

More Upgrades

At Thomassen Energy, we have customized solutions to meet the demands of every asset manager. Whether it's optimizing combustion flexibility, increasing gas turbine operability,  reducing emissions, boosting turbine performance, or cutting costs, we can make it happen! 

Rotor Services

Thanks to our engineering knowledge and experience with upgrades and repairs, we craft rotors for Frame 6B and other gas turbines. Get high-quality components, competitive pricing and prompt delivery. 

Produce More Powerful and Greener Energy with Our Services for 6B Frames

Don't miss out on the opportunity to boost your Frame 6B gas turbines' performance, longevity, and efficiency. Contact us today and let Thomassen Energy's expertise take your operations to the next level. 

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