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Our executive team features skilled and passionate people who motivate our employees. They work every day to develop clean energy solutions that will make a positive impact on present and future generations.

Peter Stuttaford

Peter Stuttaford

Chief Executive Officer

In 2018, Peter Stuttaford became the CEO of Thomassen Energy in Rheden, The Netherlands. With more than 25 years of experience in designing and developing gas turbines, Peter is a seasoned expert. He recently led the PSM Product Engineering unit and has over 55 patents in the gas turbine and energy field. 

Beyond his work, Peter is a globetrotter who enjoys traveling, sailing, biking, and exploring new horizons. His main goal is to develop cleaner technologies and adapt existing gas turbines to work better with the increasing use of renewable energy sources. 

Peter's career began at Pratt & Whitney Canada, and he holds a Ph.D. from Cranfield University in England, a Master's degree from the University of Florida in the USA, and a Bachelor's degree from the University of Natal in South Africa. 

Mark Kooister

Mark Kooister

Global Product Line and Business Development Manager

Mark oversees the business side of things at Thomassen Energy. He's a seasoned pro in sales, marketing, and business development, boasting over 30 years of experience in the turbomachinery industry. 

Mark's journey began as a naval engineer, and he climbed the career ladder through various sales management roles in the Dutch, German, and French branches of Voith and Flender. He even spearheaded a startup specializing in angular gear transmissions before joining Thomassen Energy in 2004. 

Mark's educational background includes a mechanical engineering degree, and he also studied Business Economics at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands.

Marc Strijbosch

Marc Strijbosch

Head of Administration Finance Control

With over two decades of expertise across diverse finance roles within multinational organizations, Marc diligently streamlines financial processes, ensuring fulfilling the obligations towards our stakeholders. His commitment lies in establishing a robust and sustainable financial management framework, a cornerstone for ensuring the company’s ongoing continuity, operational effectiveness and sustained growth.

Having become an integral part of the Thomassen Energy’s team in 2010, Marc joined the management team since 2022 when he accepted the pivotal position of Head of AFC. In this role, he continues to exemplify a dedication to financial excellence and strategic acumen that propels the company forward.

Michèle Konkol

Michèle Konkol

Director of Operations 

Michèle Konkol has been a valued member of the Thomassen Energy team for almost 20 years. Having headed the Project Management team for several years, she has been appointed as Director of Operations in 2023.

In her role, she handles a wide range of responsibilities, including Supply Chain & Facility, Project Management, Service Engineering & the local Workshop. Execution in line with quality, safety, health and environmental (QSHE) requirements is the highest goal while also focussing on enhancing margins, increasing turnover and ensuring timely project execution in order to nurture positive customer and supplier relationships.

With her background as a Wholesale & International Trade Specialist, Michèle earned her diploma from the German Chamber of Commerce & Industry, making her a well-qualified and experienced professional in her field.

Franck Denicourt

Franck Denicourt

Head of Products & Systems Engineering

Franck has been leading the Engineering department at Thomassen Energy since the beginning of 2023. He and his team are at the forefront of driving the energy transition and work with dedicated partners to bring high hydrogen gas turbine retrofits to life. 

With an impressive career spanning over 30 years in the global energy and industry sectors, Franck is a true expert in his field. He's gained valuable engineering experience at renowned companies like CEGELEC, Alstom Power, and GE Power, where he's been involved in both field operations and development. This diverse background has given him a well-rounded understanding of the industry. 

Franck's expertise extends across various power generation technologies, including coal, nuclear, and gas turbines. He holds a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering & Industrial Management from CESI in France, which makes him a valuable asset to our team. 

Mike Willems

Mike Willems

Head of Human Resources

In 2007, Mike took on the role of Human Resource Manager at Thomassen Energy, overseeing both the Netherlands and UAE locations (Thomassen Energy Rheden and Thomassen Gulf). He's been a key figure in our HR team, providing leadership and valuable support to the management of Thomassen Energy. 

With a rich history of over 20 years working in international environments, including roles at companies like SC Johnson, Mike brings a wealth of experience to his role. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Resource Management, which makes him well-qualified to handle the HR needs of our global team. 

Svetlana Nuzhdova-Veerman

Svetlana Nuzhdova-Veerman

Head of Legal

Svetlana brings a wealth of international experience to the table, with a background in corporate, international business, competition, and compliance. Before joining Thomassen Energy in February 2022, she served as the head of the legal department at one of Europe's largest construction equipment suppliers. 

Her educational journey includes graduating from Moscow Open Social University (Academy) with a diploma in civil law and jurisprudence. She also holds an LLM degree from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, where she specialized in International Business law.  

Wouter van Dijk

Wouter van Dijk

Head of QSHE

Wouter is at the helm of Thomassen Energy's Quality, Safety, Health, and Environment (QSHE) department. Before joining our team in 2021, Wouter spent an impressive 18 years in the Oil & Gas Industry. 

Wouter's journey began as a mechanical engineer, later he transitioned into project management, where he worked in complex projects on every continent. His extensive experience eventually led him to take on leadership roles, where he oversaw international engineering, project management, and operations teams for over 12 years. 

At Thomassen Energy, Wouter leads our continuous improvement efforts and ensures safety remains our top priority.  

Marnix Koppelman

Marnix Koppelman

Head of IT

Marnix has been a valued member of our team since 1999, and he is our go-to leader when it comes to Information and Communication Technology (ICT) at Thomassen Energy. With over two decades of experience in various ICT roles across different group companies, he's the driving force behind the development of an innovative, reliable, and secure IT environment for our company. 

His responsibilities cover a wide range of strategic IT matters to keep us at the forefront of technology. He holds multiple degrees in his field, making him well-equipped to guide our IT initiatives. 

Arthur van der Wateren 

Arthur van der Wateren 

Head of Sales & Tendering

Arthur joined Thomassen Energy in 2023 as our Head of Sales. He leads our global sales and tendering team in bringing our latest innovations in products and services to the market, whether it's through direct sales or our growing network of partnerships. 

With international experience in marketing, sales, and product management roles at various technology-leading companies, Arthur is well-equipped for his role. He completed his studies in Technical Management and Engineering at the University of Groningen in 2000, solidifying his qualifications and expertise. 

Arthur is looking forward to get in touch with you to discuss how Thomassen Energy's solutions fit your requirements in your path to carbon neutrality.

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