B/E Class Frames

Do you want to make your B or E-class frames last longer and perform better than ever before? Our team of metallurgy and engineering experts can make your gas turbines work way past their original design lives and be as efficient as a new model. The best part? You’ll also keep maintenance costs in check! 

We incorporate an additional monitoring and operability feature in your gas turbine that will increase the maintenance interval and enhance performance. 

Our Services for B and E-Class Frames

Advanced Repairs and Upgrades: We can enhance your turbines by applying special coatings, upgrading the compressor, improving hot sections, or using quality sealing solutions. Our upgrades can make the turbines work better, reduce emissions, and increase their power output. 

Asset Management: Want to optimize your gas turbine fleet? We can monitor how well they're performing, estimate how long they'll keep working, and create a maintenance plan. Our goal is to ensure each turbine is as efficient and reliable as possible. 

Field Services: Our team of experts is available 24/7 to help with B and E Class gas turbines on-site. We can do everything, from installing and starting them up to maintaining and fixing them. We're right there when you need us! 

Parts and Component Supply: At Thomassen Energy, we have different gas turbine parts ready to do maintenance and repairs, including: 




Fuel nozzles 

Various spare parts 

Remote Monitoring: What if we told you we could watch over your turbines from anywhere? We offer remote monitoring services to spot potential problems early, provide real-time performance data, and prevent critical issues. 

Intelligent Data: We provide digital solutions to enhance your turbine’s performance and reduce their maintenance costs. Our experts use advanced analytics and predictive maintenance to keep everything running as it should! 

Which B/E-Class Frames Do We Work with?

Which B/E-Class Frames Do We Work with?

Enhance your gas turbine’s performance, reduce costs, and boost efficiency with Thomassen Energy. Contact us today and produce efficient, greener energy! 

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