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Have you ever wondered how to make your gas turbine rotor go the extra mile? Thomassen Energy is your answer. We offer a full spectrum of rotor services, including repairs, replacements and new build rotors for B and E-class frames. 

Our Rotor Management Services

At Thomassen Energy, we have quality rotor management solutions for every gas turbine operator. With our engineering know-how, we have developed rotor services and features that make the useful life of your rotor much longer. 

We specialize in servicing gas turbines Frame 5, Frame 6B and Frame 9E:

Rotor Inspection and Repair

    • Thoroughly check the rotor's structure for any issues
    • Smooth out any cracks in the blade slots
    • Modify the retention plug

Blade Services

    • Take apart your rotor, put in new blades, and grind their tips to the right shape
    • Create custom-designed blades for increased reliability

Compressor Optimization

    • Fine-tune the compressor for better performance
    • Perform a thorough check of the compressor's thru-bolts

Other Rotor Services

    • Remove your rotor for comprehensive services
    • Inspect, ship back, and install your rotor
    • Utilize our fully-equipped workshop for inspection, assembly, repair, and balancing
    • Analyze and design a disk repair strategy
    • Extend your rotor’s lifespan

Parts and Products Supply:

    • Supply all parts you need, including blades, fasteners, and disks
    • Produce nickel turbine wheels and disks

Rotor Exchange Program:

    • Provide a rotor exchange program for your convenience

Rotor Lifetime Assessment (RLA) 

Aside from other rotor services, our experts use specialized inspections and analysis to determine the condition of your rotor. 

After taking apart the turbine, we look at different parts of the rotor using Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), hardness measurements, size checks, replica tests, and bore sonic investigation. Based on what we find, we'll decide what needs to be done to make sure your rotor lasts a long time. 

Rotor Lifetime Extension (LTE) 

Our Energy's Rotor Lifetime Extension program is your ticket to prolonging the life of your rotor! Thanks to our advanced technology, inspections, and materials, we can check if gas turbine rotors can keep running even longer than what's originally expected and push them beyond those limits. 

Rotor New Build

With our long history in engineering and plenty of experience in repairs and improving rotor lifetimes, we make new rotors for Frame 6B and Frame 9E gas turbines. They're top-notch quality, competitively priced, and quickly produced to give you a reliable and efficient rotor solution at your fingertips. 

closeup of Thomassen Energy rotorsRotor on siteThomassen Energy rotorFrame 9E Rotor scaled

Thomassen Energy Rotor New Build Capabilities

Click to take a tour at our workshop in Rheden, The Netherlands. 

Interested in Improving Your Gas Turbines with Our Rotors?

Elevate your rotor's potential and explore cleaner energy solutions with Thomassen Energy. Contact us now to unleash the power of your gas turbine and rotors! 

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