Auxiliary Upgrades

Do you want to harness more power from your gas turbine? That’s what our auxiliary upgrades can do! Whether you're aiming to maximize performance during peak demand or looking to make your plant more efficient and reliable, we've got the solutions to make it happen. 

Wet Compression (WC)

Our wet compression systems are like a power boost for gas turbines, responding to the need for more electricity during peak times. They work by cooling and saturating the air that goes into the compressor, which generates more power at the generator. 

Thomassen Energy makes it easy to add this system to your gas turbine controller and DCS, giving operators direct control and alerts. 

In simple terms, wet compression makes gas turbines work better while using less fuel, emitting fewer pollutants, and making your power plant more reliable! 

Inlet Bleed Heat / Anti-Icing System (IBH)

Thomassen Energy's IBH system solves the problem of ice and snow building up on the filters and compressor, which can damage these parts. The anti-icing solution puts air in front of the filters, redirecting high-pressure air from the turbine to protect the entire inlet system from ice. 

Our Inlet Bleed Heat and Anti-Icing System offers several benefits, such as: 

It makes the turbine more flexible, so it produces fewer harmful emissions even at low power levels

It prevents ice from forming on the compressor's airfoils

It shields the inlet filters from ice and snow

It comes with alarms that warn you when there's a risk of ice forming in the compressor or when ice and snow are accumulating on the filters

IBH gives your gas turbine an anti-ice shield, making it work better, especially in cold weather, while also being kinder to the environment. It's a win-win! 

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Exhaust Bleed System (ExH) 

Thomassen Energy's Exhaust Bleed System takes gas turbines that already have an Inlet Bleed Heat System and gives them even more flexibility! 

By taking some extra air off the compressor, the ExH reduces the work the turbine has to do. Therefore, your plant can handle lower levels of power demand from the grid while staying active and avoiding unnecessary shutdowns. Thanks to this system, your turbine will also be ready to provide extra power during the next surge in demand without any delays or hiccups. 

The bonus? Less fuel is used when the turbine is operating at its lowest power level, which saves you money in the long run. 

The Exhaust Bleed System makes your gas turbine more efficient, powerful, and eco-friendly, all while making it more reliable and durable.  

Ready to Unlock the Full Potential of Your Gas Turbine?

Upgrade with our cutting-edge auxiliary systems and power up your performance! Contact our experts at Thomassen Energy now for a consultation. 

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