Thomassen Energy TC7 Control System

At Thomassen Energy, our mission is simple: we're here to help power plant operators thrive and run profitable businesses. How do we do it? By providing advanced control systems that make your gas turbines more reliable, flexible, and cost-effective for the long haul. 

What Is the TC7 Control System?

The TC7 gas turbine control system is a cutting-edge solution born out of years of research and development. It is based on the proven design of Siemens® PCS7 series DCS, bringing you the latest generation of heavy-duty gas turbine controllers. 

Why Choose TC7?

Widely Accepted: Our TC7 gas turbine controllers have earned the trust of industry experts, thanks to their outstanding safety features and flexibility

Modular Design: The TC7's modular design ensures that it's the perfect fit for every turbine application

Open-Architecture: The TC7 has an open-architecture design and uses standard hardware that’s available everywhere, meaning the control system is easy to maintain and fix

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How Does TC7 Make Your Plant More Reliable?

In today's fast-paced and competitive power industry, plants face a tough challenge to stay relevant and make a profit. They must run at full capacity for extended periods to meet customer demands, which can be especially difficult for older systems. 

If you want to overcome this problem and achieve better and more reliable performance without spending a fortune, you can upgrade your gas turbine’s control system with our advanced TC7. 

The TC7 gives the hardware and software the flexibility your plant needs to be competitive, dependable, and successful. 

TC7 Improves Gas Turbine Performance and Integrated Safety

Our TC7 is budget-friendly, efficient, and always there when you need it! We can adjust this control system to work with various hardware components and software setups, which will make your power plant flexible and profitable. 

TC7 is built on Siemens' PCS7 platform, but if you have other preferences, just let us know, and we'll tailor it to your liking! 

TC7 not only supercharges your gas turbine's performance, but it also brings you peace of mind. It has an open-architecture design and widely used hardware to lower your maintenance budget while delivering top-notch performance. 

Finally, our control system solution comes with built-in safety features that meet the high standards of VDMA-4315, a safety standard derived from IEC-61508. 

If you want to improve the efficiency and performance your plant even further, you can use digital technology and integrate our FlexSuite and AutoTune solutions to your TC7. 

TC7 Modular, Interchangeable, and Open Design 

Our TC7 modular control system, based on Siemens® PCS7 series DCS, is built to be user-friendly. Here's why its open design stands out: 

It can easily fit into existing or new systems 

It has a backup system to reduce downtime when making changes 

Its hardware is very reliable because our experts made countless tests and design checks

The I/O modules in the software can be integrated into the system without needing in-depth knowledge of the hardware setup

If you have an older Mark I, II, IV, or V system, you can replace it with TC7 without having to make major adjustments to the mechanical parts, and you'll only need minimal changes to the electrical and instrumentation aspects

At Thomassen Energy, we’ve successfully upgraded control systems for various gas turbine engines worldwide, including models like GE B, E, and F-class. When you work with us, you’re in good hands from beginning to end! 

Learn more about this product by reading our brochure here! 

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Get ready to experience the future of gas turbine control with our TC7 Control System! Contact us today and let us show you how we can enhance the reliability, performance, and profitability of your power plant.  

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