Thomassen Extended Lifetime Package (ThomELT)

Make your gas turbine work smarter, not harder with ThomELT! Our Thomassen Extended Lifetime Package can extend the lifetime of your combustion system, reduce maintenance, and boost your power plant's efficiency.  

What Is Thomassen Extended Lifetime package (ThomELT)?

Gas turbines need combustion inspections as their parts may break down over time. Components wear out faster or slower depending on how the turbine is used, how much power it generates or how often it's turned on and off. 

If you want to inspect your gas turbine parts less often and make them last longer, you need tougher materials that can handle higher temperatures and resist wear. That's where Thomassen Energy's ThomELT comes in! With components for all GE type gas turbines, this package makes your combustion system run for a longer time without needing frequent check-ups. 

How Does ThomELT Enhance Temperature and Wear Resistance?

Temperature Resistance 

Your gas turbine’s resistance to high temperatures depends on how good the components are and whether they have a protective layer. When parts aren’t durable and there isn't enough cooling, ThomELT adds a special coating to make them more resistant to heat. If the coating alone isn't enough, we use different, more heat-resistant materials to upgrade your turbine. 

We make components more heat-resistant by: 

  • Putting a special heat-resistant coating or using different materials on the liner assembly
  • Adding a thermal barrier coating or other materials to the transition piece

Wear Resistance 

The wear resistance of your gas turbine is determined by the strength of the materials, the amount of pressure they must handle, and the level of vibration they experience. 

If your turbine’s components lack durability, ThomELT makes them more resistant by applying protective coatings. Our experts will also reduce the vibrations by adjusting how close parts are to each other. 

Increase Unit Availability and Eliminate Combustion Inspections with ThomELT

ThomELT toughens up your combustion system components by making them more resistant to heat and wear, which gives them a longer lifespan. Therefore, your turbine will be more reliable and you will have the freedom to schedule maintenance in a way that suits your needs. You can align the maintenance of the gas turbine with the one of your power plant! 

Enhance Your Gas Turbine Components with ThomELT

If you're eager to supercharge your GE type gas turbine and maximize its potential, ThomELT is your answer. Contact us today and discover how we can transform your power source into an efficient, reliable, and cost-effective system. 

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