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Frame 9E

We offer an extensive portfolio of products and services for Frame 9E/9001E heavy-duty gas turbines

Frame 6B DLN Cap Liner
Combustion Parts

35+ sets

Frame 6B DLN Cap Liner
Compressor & Hot Gas Path Parts

80+ sets

Frame 6B DLN Cap Liner

10+ rotors

Frame 6B DLN Cap Liner
Casings / Exhausts

30+ repairs

Frame 6B DLN Cap Liner

15+ upgrades

Spare Parts Advantage

We offer a complete range of optimized capital parts and consumable parts including our own manufactured first, second and third stage buckets, nozzles and shrouds ready for extended maintenance intervals. Advanced materials, coatings and cooling schemes maximize the durability and reliability of the parts.

We have detailed technical data sheets available for our spare parts offerings.

Conversions & Upgrades

All of our gas turbine conversion and upgrade solutions are aimed at improving and optimizing your gas turbine performance, extend lifetime or reduce emissions. We offer:


  • increased flexibility while maximizing the performance of your gas turbine with our Gas Turbine Optimized Package (GTOP)
  • emission reduction with our advanced (dual fuel) Dry Low NOx (DLN) combustion solutions.
  • automated gas turbine tuning with our AutoTune system to maintain emissions and combustion dynamics
  • extended lifetime of gas turbine rotors and components and maximize availability by increasing maintenance intervals to 32,000 factored fired hours.
  • globally sourced Frame 9E/9001E gas turbines to remanufacture, upgrade and relocate
  • control system upgrades including our in-house developed TC-7 control system.

Repairs & Field Services

We offer:

All the above-mentioned capabilities can be included in a Flexible Service Agreement to meet all your needs.


We have extensive experience providing products and services on Frame 9E gas turbines:


  •  Almost 30 Frame 9E units under flexible service agreement or support contract
  • Over 100 capital parts sets sold
  • Performed more than 50 conversions, modifications and upgrades projects

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