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Rotor Services & Lifetime Extension

Rotor management solutions that capitalizes on our engineering expertise while utilizing our design history of heavy-duty gas turbine units and all its iterations, for Frame 5, 6B, 9E and 9F gas turbines

Gas Turbine Rotor Repair

Full refurbishment of heavy-duty gas turbine rotors including Rotor Lifetime Assessment, Sectional Replacement of rotor parts, standard overhaul and upgrade packages, sourcing and repair of pre-owned rotors. All these works can be performed in our repair shop in Rheden.

We are experienced in rotor works. We have performed more than 450 rotor overhaul jobs on several frame sizes.

Rotor Life Assessment (RLA)

Specialized inspections and analysis are required to determine the condition of the rotor. Based on extensive experience, we have developed all procedures to determine the condition of the rotor. After dismantling of the turbine section, the different rotor components are inspected using Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), hardness measurement tests, dimensional checks, replica tests and bore sonic investigation. Depending on the results follow-up actions will be determined.

Rotor Lifetime Extension (RLE)

In case an exact lifetime expectancy is required we can make use of our Lifetime Extension (LTE) model. With the advancements in computing power, material properties, fracture mechanic methodologies, and inspection techniques, it is now possible to assess the potential to run rotors beyond their original published limits. When repair indications are found, we can offer replacement discs and components to achieve longer life and higher efficiency. We have the capability to replace damaged sections of the rotor with our own manufactured components.

Sourcing and Repair of Pre-owned Rotors

As we can determine the lifetime of a heavy-duty gas turbine rotor, repair it and even manufacture rotor components, all knowledge and resources are available to get pre-owned rotors back to operational conditions again.

We are experienced in rotor works. We have performed over more than 450 rotor overhaul jobs on different frame sizes.

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