Thomassen Energy, PSM and Hanwha celebrate a major milestone towards decarbonizing power by achieving industry-record of 60% hydrogen (by volume) co-firing in a 80MW heavy-duty frame gas turbine! Read more

The HELIOS project ambition is high: it will make a big leap in hydrogen combustion within gas turbines, clearly beyond the latest state-of-the-art.

Nowadays, the increasing awareness of the need to decarbonize the economy has put pressure on the power generation sector to reduce their share of CO2 emissions. In this context, gas turbines are the most robust, flexible, proven and cost-effective technology especially for distributed and large-scale power generation. A proven approach to decarbonize the fuel of gas turbines, and thus their carbon intensity is to mix natural gas with increasing amounts of hydrogen. As such, it becomes essential, yet technologically challenging, for gas turbines to operate on any variable mixture of natural gas and hydrogen including 100% hydrogen.

HELIOS will develop needed technology for hydrogen combustion as a global retrofit solution for existing gas turbines. The development efforts will be based on Thomassen Energy FlameSheetTM combustor platform.

The highly complementary HELIOS consortium includes five partners from three European countries: Eindhoven University of Technology (NL), Thomassen Energy BV, A Hanwha Company (NL), Centro Combustione Ambiente S.P.A. (IT), Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V. – DLR (DE), Technische Universiteit Delft (NL).

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We proudly announce we have been acquired by Hanwha General Chemical, a division of the Hanwha group headquartered in South Korea, which intends to play a major role in the transition to the low carbon economy. Together with our American based sister company Power Systems Manufacturing (PSM) our full focus remains on servicing and upgrading your gas turbines.

Hanwha has a long-term vision of leading the “transition to low carbon, sustainable energy” and has already built a dominant status in the global solar power market. Along with renewable energy sources, natural gas, and hydrogen, Hanwha will continue to play a critical role in electricity generation, and Thomassen Energy and PSM will be key enablers in the journey to fulfil Hanwha’s vision.

We will continue supporting customers in their needs by providing flexible and reliable gas turbine products and services to improve the total life cycle costs and to reduce carbon footprint. Check out our renewed website to see how we can be at your service!

With the redesigned FlameSheet™ technology, atmospheric testing at 100% load with 100% Hydrogen has been achieved. Analysis of all test results is ongoing for final reporting and Thomassen Energy is initiating the project plan for the next phases of high pressure testing and engine demonstration.

The technology developed will be applicable to gas turbines in range of power from 1MW to 300MW and have a first engine demonstrator in 2022.  The combustion system should also meet the following requirements in 3 major fields:



Retrofit Technology