We proudly announce we have been acquired by Hanwha General Chemical, a division of the Hanwha group headquartered in South Korea, which intends to play a major role in the transition to the low carbon economy. Together with our American based sister company Power Systems Manufacturing (PSM) our full focus remains on servicing and upgrading your gas turbines.

Hanwha has a long-term vision of leading the “transition to low carbon, sustainable energy” and has already built a dominant status in the global solar power market. Along with renewable energy sources, natural gas, and hydrogen, Hanwha will continue to play a critical role in electricity generation, and Thomassen Energy and PSM will be key enablers in the journey to fulfil Hanwha’s vision.

We will continue supporting customers in their needs by providing flexible and reliable gas turbine products and services to improve the total life cycle costs and to reduce carbon footprint. Check out our renewed website to see how we can be at your service!