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Innovation and Service for a World with Clean Power

With the redesigned FlameSheet™ technology, atmospheric testing at 100% load with 100% Hydrogen has been achieved. Analysis of all test results is ongoing for final reporting and Thomassen Energy is initiating the project plan for the next phases of high pressure testing and engine demonstration.

The technology developed will be applicable to gas turbines in range of power from 1MW to 300MW and have a first engine demonstrator in 2022.  The combustion system should also meet the following requirements in 3 major fields:


  • Carbon reduction at least aligned with government objectives for CO2
  • Sub 9ppm NOx and CO across normal load range
  • No Diluent need to control NOx emissions
  • No Selective Catalytic Reduction upgrade required to control NOx emissions


  • 100% H2 to 100% natural gas operation on the fly
  • Demonstrate operational flexibility for, start/stop and turndown range
  • Ensure maximum possible engine efficiency

Retrofit Technology

  • Technology applicable to all frame machines MHI, GE, Siemens, Ansaldo, as well as smaller OPRA gas turbines
  • Drop in combustor with no changes to engine casing
  • Include controls modification, fuel skid upgrade
  • Able to operate 32,000 hours or 1,200 starts between inspection intervals
  • A cost level of the retrofit solution in line with the business case with a payback in 2-3 years.